Simple, Permanent Label Solution

PLAC34 Six Warning Labels to a Sheet for Building Code ComplianceNow, homeowners can select appliances that meet length requirements set on the label with a permanent marker. And you, as their builder, can take full advantage of manufacturer run lengths without problems down the road.

Made to last, the 3" X 4" PLAC34 is a .010" thick Lexan® velvet-textured polycarbonate. This is the same material used to make bullet proof windows and is very difficult to mar. Its 3M® 9471 pressure sensitive adhesive sticks permanently to a wide variety of surfaces.

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ICC Code Sections IMC 504.6.5 and IRC 1502.4.5:

"Length identification. Where the exhaust duct is concealed within the building construction, the equivalent length of the exhaust duct shall be identified on a permanent label or tag. The label or tag shall be located within 6 feet (1829mm) of the exhaust duct connection."

2009 IMC for Dryer Venting and Identification  2009 International Mechanical Code2009 IRC for Dryer Venting and Duct Label Requirements  2009 International Residential Code

Code Required Permanent Length Identification Label
Permanent Label - Tag to Identify the Equivalent Length of the Exhaust Duct
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Building Code Required and Approved
Dryer Placard for ICC Code Required Permanent Label Identifying Duct Length

Code Required Permanent Label
Simple, Permanent Label Solution International Building Code Dryer Duct Label Requirements
Length Requirements Set on a Permanent Label
Residential and Mechanical Dryer Duct Length Code Requirements
Dryer Run Length Identification
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